SO FAR | 2018 | Science-Fiction-Variationen

Saturday, 30 June, and Sunday, 1 July 2018, diffrakt | centre for theoretical periphery

So how did we ever get SO FAR? Why do we talk about science fiction(s) in the first place? This open and opening round table will provide glimpses of what the future might bring – a cabinet of curiosities, a philosophictional mash-up of our speculative darlings, each fragment revealing a different angle of what is to come. If, as Gilles Deleuze once claimed, »a book of philosophy, should be […] in part a kind of science fiction«, might not the reverse hold equally true?

An opening weekend with panels, workshops, a film, and many other things a humanoid heart desires…

Ann Cotten | Georg Dickmann | Anne Dippel | Moritz Gansen | Jiré Emine Gözen | Dennis Pohl | Isabel de Sena | Hannah Wallenfels | and many more

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Saturday, 30 June 2018

6.30 pm  | Opening

7.30 pm  |  2018 | Science-Fiction Variations [round table, en]

9.30 pm  |  Programme of short films

Sunday, 1 July 2018

12.00 noon | Utopien zwischen Struktur und Freiheit [workshop, de]

4 pm | The Sky above the Port was the Color of Television [workshop, de]

8 pm  | 3797 | »To call up a demon you must learn its name.« [conversation, de]

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The event is part of the series SO FAR | Science-Fiction(s).

Graphic design: Anna-Luise Lorenz