in theory

How does someone end up devoting a significant portion of their life to reading, thinking, and writing – instead of or in addition to all the other possible pursuits? And how do they manage to get away with that?

Theoretical production is constantly and invariably traversed by the complex entanglements of our (as well as others’) lives and can never be entirely dissociated from a realm of the allegedly non-theoretical; intellectual itineraries are strewn with contingencies, and conceptual necessity is an effect that may require, if desired, a lot of hard work.

The series in theory hence invites anecdotes of failure and success, of confidence and doubt, of chance encounters and the manifold ways in which they shape the practices of our thinking, hence opening up a space for conversations around our auto-fictions, meanderings, short-cuts, and dead ends that promptly disprove the supposed linearity of the ideal cv.

#1 | Alex Taek-Gwang Lee 14 March 2018, 7.30 pm

#2 | Geoffroy de Lagasnerie 20 September 2019, 7.30 pm