Women Machines? Drone Night

Saturday, 13 January 2018, 9 pm, Modular+ Space, Gottlieb-Dunkel-Str. 43/44, 12099 Berlin

Discussion, drone and slumber with
Paula Petsoulakis | DuChamp | Vida Vojić

“If women have historically operated as conduits for the dreams of machines, then noise too has a peculiarly female quality, from typing pools to sewing factories to switchboard operators. In a sense, we have always been secretly aware of the privileged relationship between women, technology and noise: that most fantastically energetic and machinic of data, conversation, has always been regarded, for better or worse, as the preserve of women; indeed, women’s speech is often dismissed as ‘noise’. […] No longer will the machines dream through women, but will instead be built by them. They will be used not to mimic the impotent howl of aggression in a hostile world, but to reconfigure the very matrix of noise itself.” (Nina Power)

Starting from Nina Power’s “Woman Machines: The Future of Female Noise” we will discuss the relationship of women and (sound) machines, the sound of drone, and theories of sound.

More from Nina Power:

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R. Paula Petsoulakis is a founding member of Raum Für Kunst e.V. and organizes Sleepover Drone nights at Modular+ Space in Berlin. She is a graduate of Concordia University’s Liberal Arts College in Montreal. Her interests include poetry, languages, and listening to music while horizontal.

DuChamp is an Italian scientist, musician and curator based in Berlin, religiously devoted to drone. Drone is related to a precise childhood memory: the sound of the hair dryer, that her mother used to fix her hair. That was the sound of care, bliss, and infinite love. She made her debut as solo on Aug 22 2010, and performed several time across Europe and in the US West Coast. DuChamp uses different instruments (baritone guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, accordion) to find the closer one to the hair dryer she have in her memory. She holds a PhD in Chemistry and she’s currently looking for an ace post doc!

Vida Vojić: ”Unconsciously, I ended up in sound to express the invisible inside. Everything interconnected, a feeling in my chest, turned into a tone, grew into a new world. I aim for purity – what is suppressed underneath the intellect. It is a physical reaction to the confrontation of myself, removing the barriers between me and the reflection of me – the sound. The biggest loss is to forget to feel. I seek to get as close to feelings as possible, without the need of explanation in between, leaving an open end to the expression. Perhaps that is when thinking becomes irrelevant, and listening becomes something you do with your body first, and thought secondly.”