Solarpunk | Reading Session

Wednesday, 29 July 2020, 6.30 to 9 pm, diffrakt | centre for theoretical periphery

– PLEASE NOTE: The workshop is now fully booked. –

Worshop with
Wenzel Mehnert

Science Fiction, it seems, is dead. With Cyberpunk, the most recent major development in SF, visions of corporate megastructures, environmental catastrophes and techno-surveillance capitalism have become the prevailing future imaginary. But what will be next? How can we find ways to imagine worlds beyond dystopia?

There is a light softly glimmering on the horizon, and it is called “Solarpunk”. In an attempt to overcome the dusty and depressing futures of the past, the genre reimagines our relationships to each other, to the world and to technology. It looks for new narratives to inspire new perspectives and to spread a new hope.

In this workshop, we will read Solarpunk short stories, talk about their inherent tropes, narrative elements and more. In the spirit of the genre, the reading will be done collectively. The texts will be provided at the session so all you need to bring is snacks and a natural interest in SF short stories.

Since capacity is strictly limited, please register via email to

Solarpunk flag, by (Wikimedia Commons)