Now You Can… Discuss: An Evening on Carla Lonzi

Monday, 11 June 2018, 7.30 pm, diffrakt | centre for theoretical periphery

A conversation with
Federica Bueti | Karolin Meunier | Hannah Wallenfels

How can we foster feminist futures? How can we continue to think with and beyond previous thinkers, how can their perspectives enrich our contemplations or help us rethink contemporary emancipatory politics and collective practices? We will embark on this journey together with Carla Lonzi, an Italian thinker of the 1970s, whose legacy suggests many labels: she was called an art critic, a philosopher, a poet, a communist, a founder of the women’s group Rivolta Femminile, and a writer. She published, among other things, the pamphlet Let’s Spit on Hegel, the book Taci, anzi parla: Diario di una femminista [Shut Up, or rather, Speak: A Feminist’s Diary] and Vai pure, dialogo con Pietro Consagra [Now You Can Go. A Dialogue with Pietro Consagra]. While we will certainly also discuss Lonzi’s desire to escape such preset categories, the context and the story of radical feminism of that time, we will focus on the practices of the two guests: how they engage with Lonzi‘s writings, especially Vai pure, and what her genealogy might entail for us today.

Federica Bueti, writer and co-curator of the series Speaking Feminisms and the feminist research and exhibition project We Who Are Not the Same at SAVVY Contemporary, pursues research on the economies and politics of personal writing.

Karolin Meunier is an artist and writer who has initiated a series of conversations with Italian speakers around an Italian-to-English translation and a commentary of Vai pure to be published with b_books in 2019.

For the occasion of those talks, both have already met several times. This evening might be seen as a continuation and presentation of their exchange as well as the starting point for a series of feminist voyages at diffrakt.