Decolonising Political Concepts

Saturday, 27 April 2024, 7.30 pm, diffrakt | centre for theoretical periphery

Conversation with
Sambojang Sullyman Ceesay | Valentin Clavé-Mercier | Katerina Genidogan | Henrike Kohpeiß | Ana María Miranda Mora | Marie Wuth

Despite the waves of decolonisation in the twentieth century, coloniality still remains in subtle and obvious practices, in visible and invisible mechanisms of power, in the privileging of certain knowledges and the dismissal of others. This becomes drastically apparent with regard to political concepts, which, contrary to their frequent claims to neutrality and universality, are nodes of power, knowledge and, often, coloniality. Political concepts crystallise past and present histories of violence and structures of oppression, but also struggles for freedom and the promise of change.

Decolonising Political Concepts is a collective work that articulates a polyphonic transdisciplinary and transnational challenge to the prevailing coloniality of contemporary political thought and its central categories. It presents the need to criticise and transform both the theoretical constructs by which we understand the political world and the political practice that derives from them.

The editors and organisers Marie Wuth and Valentin Clavé-Mercier will discuss the project Decolonising Political Concepts together with Sambojang Sullyman Ceesay, Katerina Genidogan, Henrike Kohpeiß, and Ana María Miranda Mora.