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Together with diffrakt, the nomadic and non-hierarchical research group Cybioses invites you to a day of Prototyping Futures. We will theorise, experiment with, and experience different techniques of prototyping – and we will test them for their critical capacity to open or foreclose futures.

To build a prototype means to create an incomplete sample or model to test an idea. Prototyping usually has two features: firstly, it demonstrates the feasibility of an idea. Often this happens by translating conceptual knowledge into experiential knowledge: something that has worked in theory becomes visible and palpable and then hopefully works in practice as well; secondly, prototyping accelerates a production process. The incompleteness, small-scale or limited functionality of a prototype allows for an accelerated test. Put simply, sometimes the quickest way to build something is to build something else. Departing from this assumption, we would like to discuss the contemporary politics of prototyping and possible alternatives to it—modelling, speculation, analysis, visionary thinking, etc.

The aim of Cybioses is to bring together theorists, practitioners, and technologists. Together we want to discuss practices of making and the social and cultural impact of future technologies. How can philosophical questions support the development of technologies? How in turn can technological practices and development inform philosophical, aesthetic, and sociological thinking?

Since places are limited, if you would like to participate, please register via email to: