counter | infrastructures

Tuesday, 9 November 2021, 7 pm, diffrakt | centre for theoretical periphery & online

Reading group

“[P]ower no longer resides in the institutions. There are only deserted temples there, decommissioned fortresses, nothing but stage sets – real traps for revolutionaries. […] [P]ower now resides in the infrastructures of this world. Contemporary power is of an architectural and impersonal, and not a representative or personal, nature.” The Invisible Committe, To Our Friends

The counter | infrastructures reading group seeks to examine the conditions of collective existence and sustenance. We focus, more precisely, on two apparently opposite but intricately entangled questions regarding infrastructures: How do infrastructures, as striations, wield and transform power, both generally and in the concrete? And which infrastructures, in turn, may help loosen the grip of these infrastructural powers?

Meetings take place on Tuesday evenings, 7 pm, every three weeks. This coming Tuesday, we’ll try something new and meet in person at diffrakt, with the possibility of people joining online as well. in the space, 2G rules apply, but given the current developments a rapid self-test before coming over might be nice to have.

This time, we’re reading Jasper Bernes, “The Belly of the Revolution: Agriculture, Energy and the Future of Communism”, from the volume Materialism and the Critique of Energy, eds. Brent Ryan Bellamy and Jeff Diamanti. (MCM’ Publishing, 2018).

If you’re interested in joining, please send an email to

Pandemic: Since the event is an in-person event and the number of participants thus, in accordance with current COVID-19 regulations, strictly limited, anyone who would like to attend will need to register in advance. Following the 2G rule, masks will not be required, but all attendees will have to present either proof of vaccination or proof of recent recovery.